Teri Visits: The Garden

As mentioned in this post, Sylvanian Families kindly sent me a whole family of chocolate rabbits recently, so I thought I'd detail the adventures of the family's matriarch, Teri. First of all, I'd like to note that she has cracking style. Her dress isn't quite my size, so sadly I can't steal it, but I would if I could.

Since it was a sunny day, I took Teri out into the garden. It's hard to wrestle her away from her Twitter account, but since she's smaller than me she doesn't have much of a choice. Don't worry Teri, you can go back to Zayn Malik's latest Twitter drama soon enough, you pop culture fiend!

In all seriousness, the garden was filled with such a ridiculous amount of spider webs that I struggled not to accidentally fashion myself a new cardigan of web strings as I walked across the grass. I managed to shield Teri from them though. I imagine she'll thank me by making me a pointlessly tiny cup of tea and I'll be like "Teri, I need about two hundred more of these. Thanks for absolutely nothing."

It must be quite good being so small though, because to her a blackberry is more than a meal, and the piece of chocolate that drops onto my leg when I'm eating an Aero is a sizeable snack. I know because whenever it happens she eyes it up like a shining jewel or a previously unencountered Pokémon.

Teri's not too keen on the way I hang around staring at bees, so after a while we compromised and went back inside to sit by an unthreatening vase of flowers. By this point she was tired of me and wanted to go back on the internet to write a pleasant fan fiction story about Alexa Chung transforming into a sparrow and marrying the sparrow prince. That's the sort of thing she does in her spare time. It's really quite nice!


  1. Ah this was too cute :D Teri is a cheeky little thing! Sylvanian Families were my life. I remember a girl in my school designed a treehouse and won a competition and her treehouse was sold by Sylvanian Families in shops :O

    Sinéad | The Travel Bible

    1. Oh man that's so cool! I wanna design a treehouse. I'm super jealous.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, I wish I could get a version for myself. I love that cute style. :-)


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