Sylvanian Families Notebook

I was super excited to receive this notebook as part of my Sylvanian Families package, and even more excited to use it. It has beautiful pink borders around its pages and it also has colouring pages inside the cover and a generous page of stickers. I wish every notebook came with stickers.

I don't often do colouring, so that was a nice way to start things off. I stuck to reasonably correct colour choices because I felt that it was important to try to do it properly in this particular instance. It is therapeutic to colour in, but I tend to prefer drawing.

I didn't use any of the stickers, but I did draw on the back of the sticker sheet like the dangerous rebel I am, and then I used a stencil to draw one of the chocolate rabbits and made a colourful list of nice things. This notebook kinda made me feel like I should do very sweet and wholesome things. I feel like sometimes I must come across as overly cutesy online, but I care a lot about all these sorts of sweet things and the wonder of the natural world and cute kittens and all that, y'know, it's an earnest sensitivity and appreciation. I am the type of person who cries over (literal) spilt milk sometimes too, and that's okay.

Then I just did some simple drawings with a bit of scribbling. By now I was in a bit of a daze. It was nice to feel like even more of a small child than usual drawing stuff in this little notebook that really feels like (and is) something made for a little kid. I'm grown up and I do what I want. Including spilling milk. Actually I never want to do that, but I could if I wanted to.

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