Super Evil

I can now proudly announce that I have filled up my Korilakkuma notepad (see previous posts 1 & 2), and although the contents of these final pages are less diverse, I have still maintained my careless process and very much enjoyed using them. Apparently in a strong need for a colour theme I used mostly pink and orange, the fruit salad/sunset colours.

It's honestly a bit sad to see this notepad finished so soon, so I think I might draw on single sheets of paper for a while and use notebooks in a bit more of a serious/thorough way for a while. Maybe. I mean I guess this is why I often use several different notebooks at a time, because I want to use them in different ways all the time and have different feelings and intentions when I use them.

Regardless of strange melancholy art feelings, it's been a fun endeavour in rapidness and colour and fun. I'd really like to get some more notebooks or sketchbooks or journals with coloured pages, because that's easily been my favourite part of this - that lovely pastel pink.


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