Skies & Cyclopes

Here are some more drawings from my phone. I've been getting into drawing simple little cats lately. I've also been getting into using this thick brush type. I think it just works really well with the mix of colours and the lo-fi image output. It reminds me of a piece of art software I used to use: ArtRage 2.

I think I like drawing moons and suns and skies a lot because I find the thought of those things generally calming and also very fun to personify. Clouds are really wobbly and cool, too. Moons are probably my favourite though because the moon is amazing and all glowy.

The main thing I've been drawing, though, is my little cyclops buddies. I pretty much default to a vaguely humanoid shape. I feel like they're getting cuter every time I draw them. I hope so, at least. My goal is ultimate cuteness.

A lot of them kinda look like they're judging you, which I enjoy.

Check out my previous phone drawings here.

App used: Kids Doodle


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.