Nominate Me! - Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015

The nominations are open for Cosmopolitan's 2015 Blog Awards and I would be thrilled if you could spare a little bit of time to nominate me for an award here. I think 'best photography' is probably the most appropriate category, but choose whichever one you like (sadly there wasn't a 'best drawing of a person making friends with the moon' category). If I get nominated I promise to vlog myself drinking a lot of wine in honour of Blossom Hill being one of the sponsors. I will also wear Grayson Perry on my head to the event. Okay, maybe not that. Definitely the wine thing though.

Regardless of whether you nominate me or not, I want to thank you for reading, because whilst my blog is very much for me, it would be a bit weird without someone here having a look and saying hi, so thanks!

Here's a late night picture of me (and Totoro) being both grateful and graceful:


  1. hi! want to be friends, oops that sounded creepy.... I mean like blog friends... sorta kinda...

  2. Replies
    1. Wah! Cute Dino Dino! Thanks for the support, this made my day! <3<3<3

    2. Haha I'm glad you noticed ;-) Cute Dino DIno is amazing! x


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