My 10 Favourite Films

I am picky with movies. That's not to say I don't enjoy the medium of film - I love watching new films - but when it comes to favourites, not many make the cut. So if a film is one I like enough to put it on my favourites list, it means it's very close to perfect to me. So it's with a lot of enthusiasm that I present to you this list of ten of my favourites.

1. Daisies

A very fun and delightfully odd 1966 Czechoslovak film (titled SedmikrΓ‘sky in czech) featuring two girls drinking spirits, annoying men, and destroying stuff. It is like, the best thing I've ever seen. The cinematography kinda makes it feel like you're watching a moving collage, and some scenes feel like dream sequences in the best possible way. I also feel like this film has the perfect blend of things that make sense and things that do not make sense.

2. Restless Natives 

This is one of the Scottish films with so much heart that I have fallen in love with (amongst others like Soft Top Hard Shoulder and Local Hero, which both star Peter Capaldi). Set in Edinburgh, it tells the story of two guys who take up highway robbery and accidentally become a tourist attraction. It's just the funniest and I have a big soft spot for these particular types of Scottish films. The soundtrack by Big Country is also incredible and makes all the feelings happen.

3. Harold and Maude

Maude acts as an aloof and excitable guide for Harold, who enjoys faking his death and attending funerals. I love this story with all its personality and morbid humour. I love the rebellious adventures they get up to as a team. I see myself in both Harold and Maude and I'm consistently inspired by all the fun and wise aspects of Maude.

4. I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay

This film is beautifully shot and creates a wonderful, playful world (and a little mystery). It also has one of the best romantic plots I've ever seen, which makes me very happy indeed. Special mention also goes out to Rain (the guy pictured above) for his album RAINISM, which might actually have been my first introduction to kpop.

5. Brief Encounter

This one is a huge tearjerker but apparently I'm a sucker for a particular kind of pain. I love the story and the style and the bittersweetness of  watching it. The audible thoughts of Laura are a great device for pacing the story. That's one facet that makes it compelling. Just catch me over here sobbing into a handkerchief.

6. The Eye

The cutest horror movie I've ever seen. I feel like a lot of horror movies fall flat because I'm just not endeared enough to the characters to be all that invested in their problems or deaths. The Eye, however (the Hong Kong/Singapore original, mind, not the remake with Jessica Alba), has characters and relationships that are touching, as well as an element of mystery and suspense that is actually really interesting and exists within quite a substantial turn inside the movie.

7. Drop Dead Fred

Drop Dead Fred is probably the reason bright green was my favourite colour for years as a teenager. A woman's childhood imaginary friend returns when she is having marriage trouble. I mean, Rik Mayall is the star here. His facial expressions and excellent lines make this film really, really fun. The occasional Beetlejuice-esque physical jokes are enthralling too.

8. A Bug's Life

This was my favourite film ever as a kid. I loved the scenarios and physics and jokes about being tiny insects and all, and I related so hard with Flik when I was a pre-teen. I hoped it would eventually become clear that, like him, I had secretly been a smart and helpful creative all along, hiding behind unfortunate dorky awkwardness and bad decisions. The PS1 game of the film was also brilliant.Your weapons in the game were berries, which is uncannily similar to my real life.

9. Dragonheart

Yeah, I know, it's Dragonheart. Shut up please because I could literally watch this every waking moment of my life. Sean Connery as a surly dragon? Annoying warrior type who has to learn to be less annoying? David Thewlis being incredibly evil as a snotty king? Yes please.

10. Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

This film, as its title suggests, involves time travel, which is something that immediately attracts me to a film (along with body swap narratives). It reveals information cleverly throughout and has a sweet depth as Akari explores the 1970s in a quest to carry out an errand for her mother. It hurts my heart and always reminds me of the smell of lavender.


  1. The only one of these that I've seen is Bug's life, and I totally love that one too! But now I also need to see all the others in this list, because they all look so awesome and beautiful!


    1. What can I say, I'm kind of an insect fan. Let me know what you think if you watch 'em! :-)

  2. I've only seen a couple of movies on this list so clearly I'm not too much of a film buff, but I must try and check some of the others out! I used to adore Drop Dead Fred though! xxx

    1. Well I was hoping my list would be reasonably diverse and obscure but y'know, there's so many films in the world anyway, you can't watch all of them. Let me know if you like any of them if you end up watching, I'd love to hear your thoughts. And yeah, Drop Dead Fred, it definitely had an important impact on me at an important age. It's so silly but also meaningful without being schmalzy. It meant a lot to me when I first saw it and it still does.

  3. I love a bugs life, it was super cute and interesting

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  4. Drop Dead Fred is such a great film, it is a pity that few people have ever heard of it

    1. Yes! I want to spread the love for that film :-)

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    1. What's a vape juice? Why am I alive in this strange world?


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