Little Green Dress

My mum, in a moment of opportunistic fervour, purchased this brilliant dress for me from Tesco (£6 in the sale), and it is the best thing ever. It's super stretchy and comfy, has lovely ribbed detail, and is really, really long. I've been wanting a maxi skirt or dress for a while, and this is a dream. I didn't get the full length of it photographed because you have absolutely no right to see my ankles, how dare you! Actually I just couldn't get a good vantage point here and also didn't want to find somewhere else to take photos (fun fact: I am standing on a toilet in some of these photos - I know, it is a glamorous life I lead). I can tell you, however, that the bottom of the dress sits about three inches above my ankles and there's one slit on each side coming up to my knee. Swishy.

When my mum showed me a picture of it online I wasn't sure if I was going to like it that much, but now that I have it I love it so much. It's perfect. I don't think I've worn green in ages either, but I love the colour too. I used to have an emerald green eyeliner and it was my favourite make up item for ages and quite a few people were really enthusiastic about it. There's something about dark/earthy/jewel greens and me. It's probably subconsciously reminiscent of that grass-eating phase I had as a child (yeah, I'm not sure what that was about).


  1. I love that dress! What a gem *heart eyes*
    Emily xo

    1. This made me think of all those cheesy flow chart quizzes in teen magazines, but one to tell you which gemstone represents your personality. I wonder which gemstone I would be.

  2. Replies
    1. With articulation in all my limbs! Heh heh, thank you :-)

  3. You look absolutely stunning and the green compliments your skin tone perfectly! I love it so so so much! xx

  4. I really love that dress! It suits you so much :)


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