Diary: Sleepy Home Feeling

I feel super sleepy now that I'm at home after spending three days at Elliot's house and eating lots of Turkish food and homemade cheesecake. I don't know what it is about coming home, but I feel so instantly different as soon as I get back. I guess every home has a certain kind of vibe, and part of it is that, but I feel so relaxed and nap-ready for a while (and even for a few days) after I get back and settle into my bedroom. Not that I don't feel relaxed and at home at Elliot's house, because I do, but it's just different. There are things I prefer about both places.

Recently I've been listening to music constantly, which isn't something I've done for a long time. I want to get more new albums into my brain on a regular basis, but also I've just really enjoyed having a steady stream of music in my ear lately. I'm not sure why it's working now, because for a long time I just couldn't listen to music for that long without getting a headache or feeling a bit overloaded, but it's great.

I've also been thinking a lot about what I'm doing on YouTube and how I can tweak that and stuff. I mean, I think about that a lot in general. It's always there, like a low level buzz in my brain, a vague awareness. I think I need to do a lot of playing around though. I really like that doddlevloggle style of lots of different sorts of videos on one channel, but at the same time I think my stop motion style vlogs are a distinctly cool thing and the perfect video format to have worked out. I just need to figure out the balance and make videos that are fun and bright and somewhat diverse without compromising stylistic/thematic successes. Balance is everything. I'll stop talking about this before I accidentally write an essay. And also just because I'm super sleepy and should probably relax.

Here's a bonus scan of me and my Jellycat Bashful Dragon:


  1. i looooove dodie's vlogs. and her accent is just...so crisp and its just so nice to hear.

    1. Yeah, her voice is so nice to listen to.

  2. Your diary entries are so cute! And colorful!



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