Diary: Plastic Dinosaurs & Spooky Fog

So it seems this week I've been watching films, rekindling my childhood love of dinosaurs, and becoming solidly obsessed with Silent Hill. I got that lovely little Ankylosaurus you see above from a Kinder Egg, and suddenly I remembered that I used to love dinosaurs so much when I was little. My favourite was the Diplodocus - the giraffe of the dinosaurs. Now though, I'm not so sure. There are way too many cool dinosaurs for me to pick favourites. I got really excited about this set of dinosaur toys, and it's weird how you can be so unexpectedly reminded of something that used to be important to you in some way. It makes me want to go learn everything about dinosaurs and be a big human dinosaur encyclopedia.

As for Silent Hill, I've been watching Let's Plays of lots of the games (and even reading a screenshot LP of a series of spin-off mobile games) and Elliot and I watched the first film. I've never actually played any of the games, but I love 'em. I think most of all I love all the use of occult imagery and alternate realities. And fog. I love fog.

I've also been feeling a little bit less awake across the past few days (thus is my life as a perpetual sleep imp), and if you're wondering what I didn't have much of on the last page, I missed out the word 'tea'.


  1. Fog is the best. We recently moved and the new place has way more fog. I'm so happy.


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