Diary: Fall Out Boy & Birds

For some reason this week I drew a lot of little birds in my diary, or rather in the notepad I use as my diary away from my diary. It probably has something to do with being around a lot of birds. I like drawing plump and fluffy birds. They are squishy blobs with beaks. Very nice.

Elliot and I also decided we wanted to watch horror films. We do that in phases (because there are a lot of bad horror films, and because we don't like to be scared too often). We watched Insidious, which wasn't terrible but also wasn't great. I feel like it tries to be too many things at once, but at least it's one of those horror films that makes me laugh a lot throughout. It also reminded me of The Judderman.

In other news: my mum bought me a really long, green dress from Tesco for £6, and I've been listening to Fall Out Boy like it's 2006 again. It's so weird to think about how they were such a big part of my adolescence and how much of an impact they had on pretty much anyone my age and definitely everyone my age who was around me at the time. I didn't really listen to them after From Under the Cork Tree until their 2015 release American Beauty/American Psycho, partially because I probably wanted to distance myself from everything about my teenage experience, but like, I really love them now.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.