Hey everyone, look, I've painted some blobs. I know, I know, I should call the president and ask him to look at my blobs because they are so beautiful. Thank you for saying such nice things about my blobs, but I don't think Obama has much time to be gazing upon them. He probably has some other, more important blobs to view.

I haven't really painted in a good while, so I think this was mostly a chance for me to re-familiarise myself with how it feels. My brain couldn't come up with a reasonable shape to form, so it was all blobs. Blobs are good though. They give the paint a chance to show off on colour and movement and stuff without having a purposeful shape. One of the pink blobs below kinda looks like the head of a kangaroo.

I guess a fun thing about carelessly painted blobs is that you can sometimes see shapes in them, like when you look at clouds and they look like dogs and angry people. They get to become an illustration of your mind a little bit.

I try to remind myself all the time that I don't have to be purposeful, in art-making and lots of things. I can just enjoy things. That's what the blobs remind me. I also started a new journal with a bit of painting. It's a bright red, lined Moleskine that I've had for years. I think this will be a journal I slowly finish and treat with some care, but for me 'some care' is still not that much.
Here's the inner cover:

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