Beautiful Things

Lately we've been having some sudden downpours and super sunny days falling all over each other like a meteorological game of Twister. I was so excited to have the rain back. I'm still so excited to have the rain back! I didn't realise how much I missed the feel and smell of it. I am the number one fan of the rain. For now, at least.

This, and frequent access to a nice garden full of birds and bees, has given me a bit of damp-eyed wonderment in regard to my surroundings. It's one of those emotional nature moments.

There's so much cool stuff around. I give nature a nine out of ten. It would be a ten if it rained Maltesers Bunnies. Honestly though, the sky and all it's clouds, etc? VERY GOOD.

There is an inexplicable level of happiness unlocked through spending lots of time watching animals/talking to animals/looking at a leaf/making a cheese sandwich/thinking about how photons work. Mind you, I'm the sort of person who gets excited about sedimentary layers (geology 4ever).

I basically spend a lot of attention and energy on taking photos of the sky alone. It sounds a bit boring, maybe, but it's a fun hobby. Sky fans are welcome here. I feel like taking a lot of photos for projects/blog stuff has made me look at stuff more. I know sometimes you can spend so much time taking photos that you forget to actually experience and enjoy a thing first-hand, but I don't usually find that happening to me. I think taking photos of things has made me notice and appreciate things more. It takes something away from the context of its surroundings in making an image and I definitely think that process can make you more alert to things.

I mean, I don't take photographs for the sake of it. I don't even really take photographs to record a memory necessarily as a primary reason. I think I take photographs more to examine and consider all the things around me, and all the memories and feelings and places that they record.

Taking photos can be a way of organising my mind. It's definitely a complex and multi-purpose device, because I use photos to document, look, consider, organise, and reflect in various ways and it provokes and shifts and collects so many thoughts and feelings. I love it (and I love fluffy pigeons).

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