Animal Crossing Journal #23: Flowers & Fire

Recently in the town of Boy we have been enjoying some fireworks displays and a series of new public works. I'm so chuffed with our new rose arch! So romantic. I'm just gonna stand here and wait for a frog and an ostrich to fall in love with each other underneath it (yes I ship Henry and Gladys, so what?).

When I've managed to actually stay out of pitfalls, I've been working on remodelling the town. I will save some of the new stuff for next time, but we've built the flower arch above, as well as a fire pit, a street lamp, and some other good stuff. I've also been landscaping to make the town a bit easier to walk through (I had a tree right in front of the town hall door). I'm thinking about adding some more ornate paths or perhaps some art around town. I'm neatening some of the flower beds too. There's so many tiny little improvements and adjustments to be made. I guess it will be a while still until the town is at its best.

The fireworks have been nice. It's great to run around town and have everything light up in different hues.

Here is our new fire pit. I'm keen on making the town look as cosy as it can be at night. The night is beautiful. A great time to fall asleep on a tree stump.

Here's Octavian and I doing some fishing near the cafΓ©. It still makes me really happy to see him wearing his Weyland-Yutani t-shirt. He's been wearing it forever by now. I kinda wish there were some seats outside the cafΓ© for people to sit and have their drinks. Well, there are two stumps outside there now. It's a good fishing spot, right by the river.

Here's Toto and Flo enjoying a lovely, peachy sunset.

I had to take another picture under the arch. I'm seriously happy about it. This flower garden needs some work though.

Here's Berry enjoying it too (and that pretty sunset). Everything's been pleasant lately.

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