15 YouTube Channel (& Blog) Recommendations

It's been a while since my '5 Favourite Small(ish) YouTubers' post, so I thought I'd dedicate another post to a bunch of YouTubers I've been watching since then. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a few new blog recommendations too (here's my previous blog recommendations post).

1. Kelly Kitagawa - She's conscientious and seems to really care about what she does on YouTube and talking about what, why, etc.

2. TeaMakerJason - He makes tea. He tells you about a thing. It's great.

3. ilikealison -  Fun and nice. #descriptive

4. bill wurtz - I refuse to describe Bill Wurtz.

5. JoshHasTime - He has time (to tell you stuff online). Josh also has a really deep voice. I'm not sure why I felt the need to mention that.

6. Ant (mrheavyhand) - A nice, uplifting man with ears who plays songs sometimes.

7. SuperSamStuff - Good and great. I don't think I can do him justice with a description. Stylistically, he reminds me of TheThirdPew.

8. frigginboom - He is a glorious gem who makes me laugh a lot.

9. TamarSaysHi - Cute and chill with a great sense of humour.

10. bethylein - She talks a lot about the mechanics of being on YouTube and creating. I feel really densely involved when I watch her videos.

As always, you can also keep an eye on the recommendations sidebar on my channel as I try to update it periodically. And now, onto my blog picks:

1. Mushroom Rain Blog by Laura, a really inspiring and cool arty girl from Columbia. We both share a love of mushrooms. We are card carrying mushroom fan club members.

2. Gods and Foolish Grandeur is a blog which features lots of fascinating classical art and old photographs.

3. A little change. - a diary of new experiences, feelings, and life triumphs.

4. Marion Honey writes a super smart and beautiful blog about various little adventures and ideas.

5. Pepper and Twine is a pretty art blog by someone with as much love for journalling as me.


  1. Loved seeing your blog recommendations x
    Yours is one of my favorite
    Stefanie Meier | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked them. x

  2. My mushroom blog is here! thanks :) I have to make our members card.

    1. Yeah! Maybe it could be an actual dried out mushroom!


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