Time for another picture dump of drawings I've made on my phone recently! I love all the grainy and ugly effects possible on this thing and I love the random element (you can choose pen styles but you can't choose colours and on most pen styles each stroke will give you a new colour). I love being forced to draw with multiple colours because it's really cute.

Sometimes it's too hard to draw two eyes on the screen so I just draw one eye instead and I love my little cyclops characters. For some reason I envisage them all as kinda grumpy. A grumpy cyclops gang. They need to be treated really nicely and given pain au chocolat.

For some reason I drew some hairy legs and a pudgy tum. This picture makes me wonder what it would be like every hair on your body was a different colour. That would be cool. Although I suppose there aren't actually that many colours, but just pretend there are.

Because the background colours are randomised as well, I like to try and match the colour palette a bit. I tried to steer towards a very warm and pink-ish palette here.

This is the kind of perfect simple doodle I get very pleased with. It's me holding a big heart. That happened in real life. Good times.

Here is another grumpy cyclops kid with slightly elfy ears and a pleated skirt. Look at all that grump that is bursting outwards into the world. #relatable

At some point in the doodling process I tend to get a little more abstract and weird and try to simplify characters a bit. Partially this is just because it is fun to draw circles and very loose shapes and the app kinda pushes you towards being less precise in a way, because it's hard to get a shape or line exactly the way you want it. So I get more wobbly as I go along, but luckily I like that as an inherently wobbly individual.

THICKER LINES are also good even though they look so much rougher and grainier. They kinda have this marker pen/poster paint look that is very enjoyable indeed and reminds me of all the children's paintings on TV shows that are obviously really made by adults.

Lastly, here is a cool picture of Elliot which I added some glowy things to.

App used: Kids Doodle

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