Here is the second instalment of Inside Korilakkuma's Head. I'm still enjoying this notepad a lot and I want a hundred more of them. I filled a lot of these pages in whilst watching a film, and you know, drawing stuff and watching a film at the same time can be so good. Sometimes the level of concentration is just right. I'm concentrating just enough to draw something I like, but concentrating on watching the film just enough to give me the perfect level of carelessness.

I always feel really pleased and smug when I can comfortably multitask. I just have to find two things that don't require my full attention and then I'm set. Sometimes I can do this with drawing, but sometimes it doesn't work. It depends.

I feel like a lot of my focus is on finding the right balance between pristine and messy. I mean, the notepad itself is so cute and perfect, but I'm doing some pretty scribbly things in it, and all the cuteness of the notepad in its natural state starts to blend perfectly with messy, doodly stuff. I guess that's my primary aesthetic. I like things wobbly at the edges. That's a pretty general philosophical attitude to life that bleeds into most things for me.

I can't get over this notepad though, it's so cute.

I like sticking little bits in too, it helps to break up the endless pink and add a bit more variety. And it saves me when my pens have bled too much onto the next page (naughty pens). I actually can't wait to finish this notepad, but at the same time I know I'll be a bit sad when I do.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.