Totoro Time / Bedroom Studio

I am feeling very appreciative of my room and all its cosy delights so I thought I would do a bit of concentrated photo journalling about it because I'm just so happy to have a bed, and a table, and a Totoro. I have the perfect set of cuddly and cute little friends to hang out with. After journalling and collaging a bit today, I am so happy to have my little table and perfectly laid out workspace (I've discovered Lush shower jelly containers are perfect for storing pens, as the pens get to splay out nicely, unlike in condiment jars that go inwards at the top).

I like to think of my table as a very portable office. One of the main pieces of working advice I've seen floating around is to create a space specifically for working in, but personally I can and do work in any old space. I'm pretty flexible. It's nice to have a set up, though, and especially nice if your set up is easy to set up. Speaking of portability, I'm very interested in those tiny portable watercolour sets.  They're so cute. I already have a (non-tiny) watercolour set that will last me ages, so I'm not about to go and get a new one, but I look forward to eventually getting one.

I'd quite like to have a small briefcase to carry around all my art supplies in. It doesn't quite work for big tubes of paint, but there's got to be some kind of perfect storage solution for that. Imagine me all smartly dressed with a briefcase and a furrow in my brow from all of my intense office duties and I sit down in a coffee shop and I open my briefcase and take out all these tiny little paint pots and do a painting. Business painter.

My love of small and portable art materials probably explains why I like Post-It notes so much. They are good. I also love that you can get them in so many designs and colours and shapes. Novelty Post-It notes are actually a perfect gift for me and I would be very happy to receive them. I think quite a lot of stocking fillers are actually the best presents of all.

Another thing about my room I like a lot is this boxy furniture unit. It has a mirror, as you can see, which is very useful and round (a good shape). I've had this thing for so long and I've stuck so many things to it. It's been very well used and is surviving admirably. It's a strange desk/cupboard/chest of drawers combo, but I think it's an excellent combo. Much better than having 3 big things taking up lots of space.

My Moomins have also been calling it their home for a while. Poor Moomintroll is obscured by a big, pink flower.

I'm just having a really appreciative moment right now, which is probably due to feeling a deep urge within myself to lie down and leisurely eat grapes and nap and hug 500 pillows at once. My bedroom is a lot like a person somehow with all its power to comfort me and make me feel cared for and like I can access cool pyjamas. Thanks, bedroom.


  1. nice room lil hehe...
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  2. I love your totoro!


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