Sylvanian Families & The Eiffel Tower

I've been pootling about in my room (isn't 'pootling' a great word?) doing the therapeutic tidy up dance. I know this is a THING but nevertheless I am very glad about that whole feeling that makes rearranging things in my room feel like I'm arranging things in my mind. Like I'm pulling out drawers of useless old questions and battered pictures of Pat Sharp hosting Fun House and throwing them all out the window. I'm not sure what the window would actually be in this analogy, but if you see me crying I'm guessing my tears show a ghostly image of Pat Sharp under a microscope (I wanted to go on Fun House so much). My eyes are the window, or something.

Okay, that didn't really make sense. I just love organising and moving things around and putting things in different spaces. I'm a good space creator. Hire me to shift all your stuff so it looks like you've got lots of space when really I've just consolidated all your belongings into a one step easy loan payment - uh, I mean, pile of things.

My mum shoved a couple of Sylvanian Families animals into my hands like someone on the street trying to fob off their stolen goods on you a.s.a.p. so I had to make a little bit space for them and their adorable costumes. I'm thinking of taking style tips from them and acquiring my own pink bow tie for regular wear. It's a good look.

Also in hair news: my hair is a hilarious curly/wavy haystack. I'm gonna rent it out for storage soon, so if you have any small birds that need housing, or reasonably small stolen goods that need hiding, contact my hair's agent for details (it's me - my hair's agent is me - contact me).

Look at that hair. Good job, hair.

And my Eiffel Tower ornament is here in this blog post for no reason other than that I picked it up when I was moving things around my bookshelves. Ain't it cute?

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