Outfit: Simple & Black

top & shoes - Primark
skirt - H&M
socks - UNIQLO

It is exciting fashion time again here, with your host, me. What I've got here is a pyjama top and a tube skirt. A super basic outfit which looks quite neat. I also have some frilly socks and canvas shoes, which for some reason reminds me of American college movies.

The top is really, really light and airy but is very fitted, so you get the tight-fitting look without feeling restricted and uncomfortable when it's hot. I like that because in hotter weather I wear the comfy baggy t-shirts to save myself from the sun, and in colder weather I wear tight t-shirts but I have to put a jumper over them. It's difficult for me to find a good time to wear a tight t-shirt. Usually I'm fine with looser fit tees, but sometimes I just really want the variety of wearing something that fits differently. This top is usually an indoor top though.

I like that this outfit kinda looks like a dress when it's not. That's my favourite. I like a good old two piece. Lately I feel odd about clothes. I think I've just been wearing shorts for so long (because of the heat) that I feel weird in anything else. I guess something has made me feel overly conscious of my clothes, so I'm trying to remember how comfy and fun clothes are and remind myself that's the most important thing. I have an urge to wear denim lately for some reason too.


  1. I love how simple but cute this dress is. Looks super comfy too :)


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