Love Lula Beauty Box: August 2015

Alright, I'm doing it, I'm a beauty blogger now. I'm gonna blog your face off about some skincare. To be honest, I enjoy reading beauty blog bits and pieces, but I feel like a bit of an imposter writing an actual beauty post myself. It's a bit silly, since, y'know, I too sometimes wash my face and use a lipstick, but since my attitude to beauty and skincare and make up and all of that stuff is quite flippant I feel a bit like I am NOT ALLOWED to do beauty posts. But I guess there are a lot of folks out there with varying interest and opinions on these things, so maybe my voice will actually be interesting even though most days the only things that touch my face are lip balm, pastry, and the cuddly toy reindeer I press my head into whenever someone asks me to complete a mathematic sum.

The thing is, I am interested in all the cool colours you can put on your face and all the fruity gunk you can use to clean it. So without further ado let me share some of my Enlightening and Meaningful opinions on the items present in this month's Love Lula Beauty Box that my mum has kindly let me borrow (okay, she left it in the bathroom and I tested it all out without asking - sorry for being a terror child).

I'm gonna talk about the products in the order they appear in this post's topmost picture, just in case you desperately need a visual reference.

1. John Masters / Lip Calm

The lip balms in these boxes are always lovely. This one is very lemony and soft and is full of all sorts of natural oils. Beeswax and natural oils make for really nice lip balms. It's a simple enough formula but for a decent lip balm you really need those natural ingredients. I probably won't be using chocolate scented lip balms made from melted down My Little Pony figures and Kylie Jenner's tears again any time soon. Also I very much enjoy the wordplay of "lip calm". That's cute and nice. Good job.

2. John Masters / Geranium Grapefruit Body Milk

Another John Masters product. I like the simple packaging here. This stuff is nice and light. Its smell is reasonably light as well, although it did linger just a teeny, tiny bit, which I actually really like. I like to smell a little bit of a fruit after I wash. I'm not really a big fan of grapefruit, but the smell is gentle enough for me to like it. It's more the taste of grapefruit that I don't like, after all. A pretty simple and pleasant product.

3. Lovea / Pink Clay Purifying Mask

This stuff is great! I think a face mask in a tube makes a million times more sense than a face mask in a sachet that you have to rip apart and scoop from like a toddler scooping up some mud pie. I don't really like to use face masks on my entire face, just a few particular areas, so I just tested this out on my nose. It dried out pretty quickly and came off really easily, so I'm happy with that as some face masks are a bit like scary mud aliens that want to cling onto your face forever and invade your body. No one wants that. And my nose felt nice and clean afterwards, so thumbs up.

4. Balm Balm / Frankincense Light Facial Oil

I have never tried facial oil, so this is a new and odd concept to me. I can't say too much about it because of that, but I can and will say that it was reasonably light and quick to sink in (which I suppose you would expect), and the cheek I applied it to does feel nice and soft. A bit softer than the other cheek, I think.

5. Ren / Instant Firming Beauty Shot

This is the weirdest product to me. The word "shot" makes me think of tequila or an injection. Perhaps a combination of both. The language is a bit odd and surgical sounding, and I'm generally very suspicious of any anti-aging focused products. Applying this felt pretty much like putting water on my face, only this stuff is a gel. You're only supposed to apply a small amount as part of a moisturising routine, so I guess it would be hard to notice any effects, but given all the text telling you it will "instantly lift" your skin and all, you'd kind of expect to notice something, right? Well, I didn't notice anything at all. No smell, no feeling, no apparent effect on my face. So I don't have much to say about that.


My favourite products in this box are the clay mask and the lip balm. They work well and feel nice, they're smooth to apply, and just generally feel pretty satisfactory to me. The contents of the box in general are pretty well considered, and what I like about Love Lula is the care and attention to the ingredients of the products. Each box costs £12.50. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and overapply some lip balm.


  1. I really like the sounds of that Lovea clay mask :) well done on your first beauty post! :) xx

    1. Thank you, I am awaiting my trophy in the post.

  2. I've never used a clay mask, but I can just imagine how it feels like. I bet it feels refreshing right after!

    1. Yeah they're just GOOD for getting rid of any residue on or in your face. Better than most washes and scrubs I think.

  3. can i send u canadian makeup stuffcare package? i also have this mint pinafore thats too small that i ve never worn!!!! 1111

    1. That's funny, I've been thinking about pinafores a lot lately. BRAIN CONNECTION. Sure thing, shoot me an email you precious little muffin :')


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