It Is All OK / Big Jumper Baby

I like a lot of things about these journal pages. First of all, I made them in a big rush, which I always enjoy a lot. You know, scribbling, frenzied cutting, rapid and careless glueing. All of that good stuff. Secondly, all the colours and edges of cutouts and combinations of paper look great. I don't usually colour in my little cartoon folks, but I did that a little bit here and it turned out very nicely. Also, look at those spooky pink eyes. I love those.


  1. Yeah making art in a rush is the best thing ever! is so free and raw and awesome, sometimes I over think too much when I make art, I have to remember this more often! They are also great pieces :)

  2. Honestly making any kind of art is one of the best things in the world and your work is amazing! x

    1. Thank you SO SO SO SO much! xxxxxx


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