Inside Korilakkuma's Head

I got this cute little Korilakkuma notepad (gifted) as part of my Blippo review, and since I recently finished another art journal I thought it was time to ruin this one by actually using it. I gotta say I love the pink pages, and I love the irregular shape of them, and basically I love everything about drawing in this notepad. I'm glad I decided to use it sooner, rather than trying to preserve its pristine beauty for as long as possible. It's so perfect for using a lot of colours in. I kinda thought using such a special and super cute notepad would make me feel a little guilty, but actually I'm just really pleased to get to use it. Cute notebooks are pretty much my life.


  1. the alien spooky butthole spread look like an irl artistic artefact from a greg araki movie and that is just perfect and these are all glorious i see your art reblobbed on the ol' tumblr dot com and i always get a SWELL OF PRIDE LIKE YES THAT'S MY GIRL!!! <3333333

    1. I'm gonna see how often I can insert the phrase "alien spooky butthole" into everyday conversation.


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