I am feeling very spacy and like I can't? do? words? But I'm trying anyway. I was rooting in my image folder for Blog Post Material and y'know, obviously I take a lot of pictures with my blog in mind. When you have a blog that you update every day you are probably going to have a motor whirring around in your head ready to set off the POTENTIAL BLOG THING alarm. It's fun because it's like there's a net that your brain is constantly casting out for creative ideas, and that makes it an excellent thought-tunnel to have. But also, I take a lot of pictures and think a lot of things that are not blog things. I make notes and doodles and sandwiches that the internet is not involved in. I'm, like, a real human being, sometimes.

So I was looking through my folders at some of the pictures I have sitting around, and it made me think about all the specific feelings and memories recorded in these pictures that I didn't post (but am now posting). A lot of the Blog World is really fixated on shiny, sparkling, perfect visuals and the best fonts and the ideal picture editing and so on. I find all that smart graphic stuff cool and interesting and inspiring, but also I love the humanness of blogs. I like the rambling and the grammatically incorrect sentences (sometimes) and the wonky but candid pictures I get to see on some blogs. It makes me feel like I am reading a person instead of a newspaper, and I like that.

I can remember the exact feeling I had when I took that uppermost picture. I was wearing some of my comfiest clothes and I'd just had a bath and felt very cosy and just the right temperature and just really, really good.


  1. I love this post so much it makes me warm and happy, you are my digital hot chocolate <333

    1. That's the sweetest thing to say! ily ;___;

      Also I just noticed two big spelling errors in this post lol #professional

    2. lmao i feel u! i think the worst response i ever got to my blog was an email listing all the grammatical errors i'd made in a single outfit post!!!

  2. Excellent Post My Dear Lil : a Guide for an Emotional Blog. Congratulations & ByeBye & Lots of Luck !!!


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