I obtained two packets of eyes at a party recently, so naturally they are the prop for this set of scanner adventures. I wonder what it would be like to have a lot of eyes. I mean, I know I can find out about that based on available research, but that's very different to actually being able to experience the multi-eye lifestyle. I also want to do that exorcist thing that owls do with their heads. Sadly, I am limited to human experiences only. Not that I'm knocking binocular vision. It's worked well for me so far (despite being short-sighted).

I miss wearing big glasses with circular lenses sometimes. The circle is my favourite shape for a glasses lens, always. I stopped wearing glasses last year because my eyes felt a bit weird (it's sort of hard to explain, so please excuse me for not bothering), and it didn't take long to become completely accustomed to life without glasses. I can now see more or less perfectly clearly through an old pair of glasses I have with an old prescription, whereas the glasses I was wearing every day when I decided to stop are far too strong and hurt my eyes if I wear them for more than ten seconds. I realise, though, that having slightly fuzzy distance vision doesn't really have an impact on my life at all. I only occasionally wear glasses now if I need to see train departures or if I want to watch a film with a certain level of clarity. In a pinch I can always use the good old finger lens trick.

The old glasses I use nowadays have lenses in that irregular oval/rectangle hybrid shape that I've always disliked. I'd love to get some circular lenses again, but I can't justify getting new glasses when I already have some that work. I guess it's an eventuality I can look forward to.

Back to googly eyes though - aren't they just the best? I think they're a great thing to have in the bottom of your bag, because you just never know when you'll need some. They make any newspaper a lot more fun! Being given googly eyes at a party has warmed my heart. Thank you, googly eye gods.


  1. Love this, its quirky, great photos :D x

  2. So cool, a really interesting take on photography, particularly the googly eyes!

    1. I don't know what you are insinuating, they are my real eyes.


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