Family History

I went to a family reunion last weekend and ate a lot of canapΓ©s, which was good. There were a few babies and two delightful sausage dogs (the dogs are obviously my closest relations). It was so hot and sunny that I'm slightly surprised that I managed to survive, but I've heard the family has a tendency to live quite long, so I suppose that explains it.

There was a big box of old photos to look through, so I spent a while going through them. I don't really know who anyone is yet, but it's fascinating looking through all this stuff. I've included a few little bits and pieces of information here, and hopefully I can learn more about who these people are and how they're related to me. It's quite nice, though, just to look at the photos without much context. You get that cool sense of mystery. So many old photos must exist without names or information attached to them. It's weird how information dies with people.

from left: Ted, Alice, Arthur, Elsie

Charles G Price

Alice Maud Price's brother Fred Clark (?)

Clark family wedding / Rose Clara Clark (daughter of William Herbert Clark) / 1935

William and Rose (?)


  1. Woah! This is beautiful I love looking at old pictures they are so magical, I'm going to steal your idea hahahaha Have a great day!

    1. Yeah go for it! Old pictures are amazing :o)

  2. Old photos are so special! I love family history and find it so fascinating to uncover where you come from and what happened before you :) I thought what you said about info dying with people is very interesting... In the past when there was no social media and so few photos, it was so much harder to record everything like we seem to do today! Lovely post x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

    1. Yeah! It's so hard to find out anything about people's lives. There's endless information contained within a living brain. I think even though I record so much, there would still be so much eradicated upon my death.


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