Diary: Scared Sausage

This week I met up with Ed to record some vocals for a series of new Rescue A Family songs (I vlogged some of this here). This also meant hanging out Floyd the sausage dog, who is at least a little less scared of me than the last time I saw him. He still tries to bark me to death when I emerge from the bathroom though.

I also watched Summer in the City unfold via Twitter and it looked like so much fun. I would really like to go along in the future (especially to hug one of the giant Pikachus). I wasn't feeling too great over the weekend, but I did go for the usual walk in the forest, and I ate a delicious mushroom burger at newly revamped pub The Duke (here's a cool little review of the place).

My mum also found my Blancmange t-shirt, which had mysteriously disappeared. I think this t-shirt has a propensity for getting lost. I'll have to keep an eye on it. For now, we are reunited.


  1. That last image is so beautiful and perfect and I think we should make it our duty to bring emily strange back from whatever alternative 00's dimension she was lost to??

    1. Yes! She is amazing! Emily Strange forever!


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