Diary: Learning

This week I decided to collect some scrap notes and doodles and things alongside my actual diary entries to make this post a bit more of a pile of things than just a neat sequence of pages. I sometimes end up with quite a few paper scraps and things that have nowhere to go, so I thought it made sense to add some on here.

I've been looking at lots of medieval and classical paintings and some things like that and I've been thinking that I really want to learn lots about art history. There's such a huge amount of things to learn and I want to know it all. I'm so into myths and legends as well and I'd like to learn a lot more about them and a lot more about earlier British history. It's interesting how certain subjects are looked at again and again, like for example Henry VIII. I don't know how many documentaries and books there must be about him, but it's a lot. I could watch a million Henry VIII documentaries though. I love 'em.

I just want to be a human encyclopedia for something. I think the closest thing for me is probably 80s music. I'm pretty knowledgeable about it, but there's always more to learn, which I suppose is true of most things. I think one thing that's kinda weird is that there are all these famous artists that are heralded as incredibly culturally rich and relevant people, and yet I don't know much about the lives of most of them. I guess it makes perfect sense that I want to learn everything there is to know about artists as soon as I've left art school.


  1. I love art history too! Do you use a particular type of pens/ markers when writing your diary entries?

    1. Oh I use anything really. At the moment usually Berol Brush, Crayola felt tips, and cheap biros.


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