Diary: Family Reunion / Drag Me Down

This week has been quite eventful - as in, I attended some events. A friend's birthday party and a family reunion. Almost a barbecue too, but I wasn't really in the mood. There was also a blogger's market going on that I was interested in going to, but that clashed with my family reunion. After that stuff I feel pretty well practised in talking to strangers. At one point during the party I started saying loud things in German. Before that, though, I got really excited about geology and sang Chaka Khan with a friend. Chaka Khan and rocks are both amazing.

Other things that happened this week include some sudden heavy rain (I appreciated this a lot after an intensely hot Saturday), the release of a new One Direction video in which they are readying themselves for space travel (it's basically a big Nasa advert and I can enjoy that as a kid who totally wanted to be an astronaut for like, a week), and me being a sleepy little bug as always.


  1. Emily Strange for halloween 2k15 is an aesthetic we need to use all our illuminati connectionz to push ok??? <333

    1. I'm into it. I sprayed my hair black once. It was cool.


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