Art Journal: Melon & Mountains

I've got about half of an old lined notebook to use up, so I've just been scrapbooking various things in there and using it to take lots of quick notes and stuff. I kinda like to hop between the nicest art materials and ones that force me to be a little more inventive. So just because this notebook is lined and has a spiral binding, I have to use it in certain ways. I guess I probably like using a certain amount of different things so that I have that variety.

I also find that using cheap notebooks indiscriminately somewhat encourages me to have a loose attitude to whatever I'm doing and not take it too seriously (which is pretty much the most important thing to me). I always want to have that attitude of play to some extent when I'm journalling.

This notebook does have very thin pages, so I keep feeling like I need to be really delicate and cautious. I'm trying to shake that off, but it's hard! I think a certain amount of collaging also keeps me going. Stick more things to things!


  1. looks great! Btw, do u wanna support each others blogs. I am loving your blog right now and would happily return a follow or comment. Morgs x


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.