Animal Crossing Journal #22: Building Bridges (Literally)

Welcome back to Boy, the foresty town with a large bird population. Please enjoy the snapshot above of Toto and Molly frolicking in a flower garden.

I have been doing some serious mayoring lately as I finally got that wooden bridge suggestion I'd been hoping for since I demolished one of Boy's stone bridges some time ago. Unfortunately I ended up having to demolish our beautiful windmill to okay the building of the new bridge, so lots of my time has been spent going through all the motions of sorting that out and then rebuilding the windmill. Curse the bureaucracy! Still, I'm delighted to finally have the return of a third bridge (although it made me realise how much I didn't actually need a third bridge, but I'm grateful for it all the same and it looks great). I wore a flower on my head for a bit to celebrate. A really fancy, expensive flower.

I caught Toto falling into a hole again. The boy just can't stay out of them.

I visited Gladys (our most recent arrival) for the first time, and her house is so beautifully decorated. Very traditional. It suits her, I think. It's nice to have another normal type villager as they're just so polite and sweet and make me feel really appreciated and loved! Thanks you sweet little ostrich!

I found Lucky wandering about on Main Street again. He's still her. I think he lives here. Maybe he's missing his old town. It's nice having him back. I miss having a mummified dog around. That is not a sentence I ever thought I'd use.

Hamphrey DARES to barge into my house when I'm writing a blog post? Unforgiveable. No Hamphrey, you can't do a guest post on how to nibble a carrot.

Here's our lovely new wooden bridge. It's honestly the cutest. I'm excited to have a variation of bridge styles, although I won't be demolishing either of my other bridges as it's too much of a hassle. They are very near to permanent Public Works Projects and houses which can't be moved. Besides, I think having just one wooden bridge is enough variation.

Everyone's looking at Toto for some reason. Despite constantly falling into holes he remains popular. Good for him. I could never recover from such embarrassment.

Here is Toto using our new bridge, and you can see that the windmill has returned. It's good. The new one has wi-fi.

Molly loves Eric Cantona, apparently.

We are having a series of weekend firework displays! I don't look at fireworks, fireworks look at me.

Fortunately, Mac here is a tough dog and isn't scared of fireworks. That's why I set them all off in his garden.

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