Yellow & Cows

Here are some nice things that have made me smile throughout the past week or so.

sketchbook pages by jxiaoo

I love these sketchbook pages because they're so colourful and scribbly. I love all the wobbly lines and gentle colours as well as the colour of the pages and that one severed arm on the first page. So many nice little details and colours and lines. It makes me want to scribble.

from “Portraits” project (1984) by Patrick Tosani (via naturalmachine)

I find portraiture so interesting, especially because it can be easy to photograph yourself and record something about yourself in an instant, and there's so many endless amounts of options for how you can do it - setting, light, distortion, etc. In this case distortion is utilised to make these strange, blurred, watery pictures. We can still see the general form and the difference in movement, position, and shape of the subjects. They are simplified to pretty smudges and it's kinda a nice metaphor and image of the vagueness of our understanding of other people. You don't exactly have to understand everything about a person to appreciate them. But you can see them, and something about them.

These pictures of cows by plantcosmos are so perfect! Look at them! I love them! The sky and the trees and the cute cow faces. Everything about these is just so great.

by Adria Mercuri

I like the textures on the hair and eyebrows and eyelashes here. Such a beautiful and skillful drawing, but also I really like the use of white space and the delicate and soft feel of the pencil lines.

colour research by alexquisite

I have been seeing so much of the colour yellow lately, and I'm really warming to it as a colour from all this yellow exposure. I've liked mustard-y yellows for a while, but since I'm seeing all these summery yellows around me and cute daffodils and dandelions and raincoats in yellow, I'm just more and more happy to see all the yellows.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I've included this screenshot not because of the movie so much as this particular wish. I feel like it's impossible not to wish you could bend time a bit and change things. I wish I could push myself into photographs and go back to '97 or whenever. I want to go back to the right places and the right times and push together puzzle pieces.

Things I've Lost So Far by Joanne Liu

Everything Joanne Liu draws is so funny and cute. I am enjoying all of it a lot.

Other things: a short animated film called 'Trash Cat', 2 nice pictures of a hug, a dance involving a chicken, and this incredible blog post looking through a beautiful journal.

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