Sunny Weekend

Last weekend was a very sunny and pleasant one. Elliot and I went to the market at London Fields and purchased large quantities of cheese and a big bottle of Club Mate (it's a sort of caffeinated soft drink that looks like beer but isn't alcoholic so you might get scornful looks from old men if you drink it on a train because it looks like you're a criminal but you're actually not).

When it's hotter I really like to carry tiny bags with only a few things in them, so I used this cute little Rilakkuma just to hold my phone/purse/card case/tissues.

Elliot reads at just about any opportunity, so here are some pictures of him reading as we wait for the train. These pictures remind me of this one I took of him at the bus station in Bratislava.

He's so content.

The sun was extremely bright. Our trip was quite short so it wasn't too exhausting. We were only there for about an hour or so before we came back and relaxed out of the sun with some cheese and cheesecake.

Here's a little outfit detail. I've been wearing a few more necklaces and badges than I usually would lately. It's nice to have a little bit of extra silly stuff, and I love this unicorn.

Here's some of the delicious soft bread and cheese we had. It's such a simple sort of meal or snack, but it's so good! I'm probably 67% cheese.

We've been taking lots of walks lately. Sometimes just to a shop nearby, sometimes to a park or part of the forest. Obviously the warm weather encourages it, but I think it's more that I've become increasingly fixated on walks. It's so nice to be around plants and trees and sky. I'm hoping my summer will be full of lots more walks, and maybe some picnicking or journalling outdoors.

Here's a video of the weekend:


  1. That plate is so cute! I love the cuteness of that necklace as well :)

    Kat ♥

  2. Your bag is gorgeous! x

  3. Such a lovely and somber day <3 I love the photos of the flowers and your bag! Super cute. It's also good to see someone just enjoy a nice "old fashioned" book on the go instead of all the technology and the likes. Sure, I'm a fan of both, but there's something nice about seeing someone with a nice paper copy! Plus, I love cheese...

    Thanks for sharing your day and for following <3

    x Sinead |

    1. Aww thank you, it was really pleasant. Neither of us have data on our phones so we're not checking our emails in the woods or anything, haha. I use an ereader sometimes but Elliot doesn't like how it feels to read with one, so he always has a big chunky book with him!

      Do you have a favourite cheese? Mine is probably a good applewood smoked cheddar.

  4. PS sorry no limerick about a skeleton today. But I'll check my bag of bones for next time!


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