Sexy Bill Gates

Welcome to another inspiration post! This one is quite colourful and full of outdoorsiness but also Bill Gates, doing this:

Bill Gates by Deborah Feingold, 1985 (via joga)
This photo is so good. So good. I love the blue tones of the screens (this picture was taken around the time of the Windows 1.0 release), the fuzzy jumper and grey slacks combo, his little smirk, the pine trees off in the distance, the nonchalant desk lounging. I just love this. It doesn't look like this image can possibly come from real life. This an officey fairy tale. I don't know what I'm talking about, but I know I kinda want to write fairy tales about Bill Gates now. Bill Gates in the dark forest. Bill Gates the prince of the trees. Bill Gates who traps thousand year old kings on floppy disks. Bill Gates as the literal gate to a sinister other dimension.

I also wanna recreate this image in a 1980s office of my own.

artkid's palette
I love seeing people's paint palettes as often they're just as inspiring as paintings and drawings and other artwork, if not more. They are lovely in that they're created so purposefully as a means to create something else, but they have a unique, sporadically organised look about them. I love this palette particularly because it's so small, it has foresty, earthy colours, and it's on a messy piece of scrap paper that has been lovingly preserved in a journal. Paint palettes are so good!

cat dungaree dress from here (via beegogh)
Okay, I love things with cat faces on them, generally. I love cats, and I'm also partial to a good dungaree at times. I have never worn a dungaree dress, but I imagine it would solve the main problem with dungarees - that going to the toilet becomes a weird, unnecessary struggle. But look at this thing. It has a little cat face, and it has little cat ears above the little cat face. It is beautiful.

denkweisen's bedroom
I am very interested in people's interiors (and in particular their bedrooms) and I find it very calming sometimes to look at neat, light, well lit rooms with cute storage solutions and cosy cushions and nicely organised belongings. I particularly like the row of clothes in this picture - such a nice open way of storing them that makes them part of the decoration!

fruit bags from here (via 0idea)
I'm a big fan of novelty bags (I have one in the style of a fried egg), so I love the look of these fruity little bags. They are so bright and cute. The pear looks like it is sweating nervously.

landscape by catkittycats
 I want to live in a field.

kelseycrossing's Animal Crossing town Macaroon (via mayorbrewster)
Rainy foresty dream addresses are so precious and calming and great! Look at all of these pine trees! And the gentle colours! And the sweet and simple style of the mayor here! Very nice.
DA: 4800-5362-9656.

Gran Paradiso National Park by Stefano Unterthiner (via unrar)
I want to lie in this spot, it looks amazing. I feel very at home in beautiful natural locations, in fields and flower gardens and forests (I didn't even have to try for that alliteration - I guess there are a lot of F words in the natural world). I can't get enough of them. Look at that sky too, full of orange and purple and shining stars!

2 other good things: a cloudy time lapse video of a sunrise, and some sweet haikus.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, Bill Gates as a web 1.0 fairy tale prince in a castle made of floppy disk floating in a blue pixellated sky ;___:

  2. Such a great Gates pics, haha.

    Kat ♥


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