Outfit: Big Kew Gardens Jumper

jumper - borrowed from mum/Kew Gardens
shirt - gifted
shorts & shoes - Primark

I know it's mostly too hot for jumpers at the moment, but I couldn't resist putting on this lovely big and cosy jumper from the botanical gardens. I'm really into navy lately. I guess I've been out of school for long enough to lose the navy = school association. It's just a nice, soft colour. A gentle darkness.

I love when jumpers are oversized because they feel half like you're wearing a blanket that way. Very comfy. They're good over big, loose shirts too. I like to wear shirts as dresses more than I like to wear them as shirts. Although here you can see my shorts poking out from underneath, so I'm not exactly wearing it as a dress, but... sort of. Also simple canvas shoes forever.

I never usually go without socks, but if I'm just doing a quick errand or something I can risk it because I'm a risk taker sometimes! Look at me taking all these risks! Really though, it just feels weird and clammy and we all know if I was a dragon with a dragon hoard, it would be a hoard of socks.

I love the detail here because it's quite subtle, like you've been stamped. A strong look if, like me, your style icon is an envelope.

It feels very good to be a small person in a large jumper.


  1. love how you've decorated your walls!


  2. I love wearing over sized t-shirts and jumpers too!! I completely agree, they are just like being wrapped up in a blanket:)


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