Making Videos About Forests

I'm busy wearing summer dresses and small cardigans and walking through the trees and thinking about ways to become a tree one day. It seems good, to be a tree. For a while now I've been making these videos of sequences of pictures taken across my days. I sank into this cute little style after some wandering video experimentation. I found making YouTube videos a bit confusing and weird at first, but I ended up with these videos and it was like putting on a comfy old jumper that fits you just right.

One of my favourite things about them is that they are, sort of, in essence, photo albums. Big, flickering, moving photo albums, where each image comes in a sequence. They're made more than just static images by the sense of movement and sound and story, but they still work as images alone. I could take any frame away and it would be a special one. That's a big part of it. It feels like there is a secret nestled in the videos, because they fly by so fast, but I can also stop and look through each frame and know that there's a big web of memory and sense in my head for every picture.

Elliot and I went on one of our walks through the forest, and I just wanted to extract some of the still images from this video, because it's one I like most. The feeling is just right.

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