Life List

Okay, here's a list. A kind of bucket list, or idea list alongside my face. Maybe I will refine it into something later, but for now it's just a spontaneous list of thoughts. things I want. Things I want to do. Things I want to be, maybe. Goals are weird, I guess, in that you're living life and it's all a weird accident that you didn't ask for and you don't know what's going to happen.

  • I want to make regular cash money in a way that is fun and in a way that also means I get to be in the company of nice people who are also making the cash money. This is vague but you know, it's a vague plan. No less important because it's vague.
  • I want to go to Japan and Iceland. These, at the moment, are my super hyper important holiday travelling destinations. There is something about them that captivates me. I have to go to these places and confront the absolute mundanity of daily life there. And steal a little rock from there, or something like that. Adopt a rock.
  • I want to ride in a hot air balloon. This one seems silly, but I don't know, I just do. Even though I'm scared of heights. I can ride in a hot air balloon. And I want champagne while I'm doing it.
  • Okay, here's a big one: I want to live in another country. I'm not too fussy but I just want to be, for some time at least, immersed in a different culture and way of life. And maybe also to really have to use a different language. Because I'm trying to learn languages but I don't think I'm good at them, I think actually having to use them would make a huge difference. I'm thinking Germany, maybe, or the Faroe Islands or something. I don't know, just think it would be very cool and terrifying but ultimately a huge and unique learning experience.
  • BATHE IN A GEYSER - I love warmth and water, so... yes! Thanks. I mean I guess this should probably be part of the Iceland point, but in general I want to submerge myself in natural waters. I am good at going into very cold British river and sea water, so it can be very hard to stop me from trying to call Poseidon himself via waving seaweed around and singing all the One Direction songs. Poseidon's favourite is Niall, by the way.
There are some other things floating around my brain, but this will do for now. I don't know how achievable these things are, but I wanted to think about them and write them down and actually sort of solidify them as important things. Of course, having a nice glass of fruit juice isn't any less important, so I'm going to go tend to that goal right now.


  1. I think making a list is an important first step. But now, from your list your have to make a PLAN. How are you going to make your dreams happen? Another country? You need a Youth Mobility Visa - good for up to two years of living in almost any European country. They are not difficult to get, just a lot of paperwork - and you need to deposit some emergency funds in a bank account in the country of your choice once your visa is processed. In my experience, cash money is best earned by doing things like walking dogs, selling quilts on Etsy, cleaning people's homes, watching their children - stuff like that. Other jobs come with deductions, and end of year income statements - meaning you'll be paying taxes. The Faroe Islands? Interesting. A place of brutal slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins - in the name of culture. Personally, I'd prefer Iceland. Anyway - from dream, to list, to plan, to action - to GOAL ACHIEVED. There's really no other way to do it (unless you have a fairy godmother and/or a big lottery win!). Good luck with it - hope to see posts from another country soon!

    1. Sure! Well, it's all a jumble of things I don't know anything about right now. The things to consider are of course job options and money and how that would work in a different country, and I have to consider my responsibilities at home. I'm not moving to a different country without my boyfriend, so if it happens it depends on his life situation too. I think it's a decade away in terms of the sort of life experience, understanding, and saving that would need to happen. It's probably a good idea to have experiences with taxes and paying rent and all those sorts of things here in advance of moving abroad, so it's a very long term kinda thing for sure.

      As for your comment on slaughter, I can't say I know much of anything about the Faroe Islands, but that's a shame indeed. Of course, each country has its own questionable history and practices.

      You're certainly right about the plan and action and all. You sell quilts? That's very interesting. Thanks for the comment, and the luck.

  2. Aaaa Iceland!!!! Yes! Also faroe islands!!! I went there for a day when I was in iceland-the picture of me by the grassy church was from there, i love that part of the world ;___;

    I have not done the natural water bath thingy tho so that's a reason for me to go back tbh! Like i kno they're opening a hotel for the blue lagoon so i soo wanna go there!

    Japan is on my tip top goals list also, however as the flights are so expensive i may not go for many years but thats cool, to have something to look forward to, to work towards! I think about it quite a bit, maybe staying in tokyo for like 2 weeks, going to all the novelty cafes and museums and then travelling to theme parks, nature sites, and some of the islands for another 2 weeks. This is a complete fantasy that requires money but when I'm more secure/have a proper income it's honestly my dream!!

    I love list making I have one of those listiverse book thingies of all future things and its just so aspirational and great ;___;

    1. List club :o) Maybe we could go to Iceland together some time. I would love to travel the whole country in Japan because I've learned where all the different prefectures are, what they're called, and what their flags look like, which makes me want to visit all of them! I mean I really want to visit Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Hiroshima at least and they're all at different ends of the country! I mean there's just so much, with Japan. It's definitely an expensive and daunting trip but I guess that's totally appropriate for a dream holiday.

      Also yes lists books and stuff, I love it. Lists are the best ever.


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