Fitting Room Focus: Bacon & Spaghetti

So it's been a good while since I've done a fitting room post now, and I've missed it! So I popped back into ye olde H&M and checked out their modern 2015 summery business. Fitting rooms are very good opportunities for me to live vicariously through strapless dresses that I would never usually wear, because I like my arms to be safely held in sleeves. Maybe my arms are lonely and need a gentle cotton touch? I certainly feel the heat a lot more in the sun if I go uncovered, so that contributes. I prefer to have all over coverage from a light fabric than naked skin getting all those sun rays!

top - £7.99 (£4 in the sale), shorts - £14.99
Anyway so I found this t-shirt covered in snacky things - bacon, ice cream, fizzy drinks. Very bright and fun, although if I'm honest I'd prefer a more salad oriented top, with rocket leaves and slices of boiled egg and Leerdammer or something. Yum yum! I also found these shorts with a very early 2000s lace up crotch situation. I used to have some black flared trousers with a similar thing going on back when I was about 13. Good fashion choices! I kinda looked like I was walking on funnels. I am a small person with small legs, so flares look kinda exaggerated on me, and you know, flares already look exaggerated, because they're flares.

dress - £12.99 (£5 in the sale)
Next up I found this cute dress with a cool kind of kaleidoscopic pattern in a nice blue and black with little bits of pink. Very cute and comfy. I don't have much to say about it, but it's very airy and pleasant to wear.

dress - £3.99
I also found a bunch of super cheap spaghetti strap dresses. I opted for the nice light blue colourway and I love how this feels to wear in the heat. It's so simple and cute and it kinda looks like sleepwear, which I enjoy. I kinda really really want this even if I just sleep in it because it is very cute, but I also feel too nude in it? But not really? I don't know. I just love how tiny and simple it is, and I really like spaghetti straps for some reason. Teeny tiny straps.


  1. Hi ! I love the last dress *_*, it good on you ;)
    Great blog :)


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