Diary: Ponytails

I've been feeling very outdoorsy even though usually the sun makes me want to curl up and sleep in a dark place for a thousand years. I feel like I have far too much hair on my head because it holds so much heat, so I've been tying it up almost all the time. It's a bit sad because I feel like I'm estranged from my own hair. I miss it but it's just too hot to have it down, not to mention that it's long enough to get caught on a million different things now. I'm very grateful to have strong and good hair bands right now.

I stayed at Elliot's over the weekend, but since I didn't take my diary with me I made list notes of Friday to Sunday to stick in later. I really liked doing it that way, though. It was nice to do something a bit different but it's also just nice to be freed from the diary once in a while. I can't believe it's covered 6 months already!

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