Diary: Heat & Apple Juice

My main preoccupation this week has been the weather. I say that is if that's unusual for me, and it's not, but it's been really hot lately. I've had my window open all day as well as a big fan pointed at me at all times. Apparently I'm still drinking hot drinks though. I am fully initiated into the world of tea now and not having it is just not an option as long as it's technically available. This doesn't actually seem to affect my temperature that much though. Actually, drinking a hot tea and sitting in front of a cool fan seems to have quite a good effect. It's not really as good as drinking chilled apple juice though.

Still, all temperatures of drinks are keeping me going. I've also been continuing my reading. I've moved onto Haruki Murakami's "The Elephant Vanishes" now, which is a collection of short stories. The way his characters are, I find the stories quite hit and miss, but I like short stories as a medium, and I don't get to read them often, so I'm happy to be reading short stories. These remind me in many ways of Tao Lin's prose. There's a despairing air to them which I find difficult (I don't like my entertainment to be all full of sadness although I do like bittersweetness, weirdness, and the right sort of angst - I guess I'm particular). Somehow it reminds me of reading Miranda July's short stories, and how much fun they were. They were so funny and strange and oddly joyful. Odd joyfulness is important to me in things, I suppose. So hopefully there's some more odd and joyful things to come this summer.


  1. lovely journal


  2. You're literally the definition of journal dedication haha. Really cute as usual and I'm thinking of starting one next week so I definitely know where I'm going for inspiration... x

    1. I'm really excited when people say they're starting journals so I hope you have a REALLY FUN TIME doing it! :^)


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