Diary: G R U M P Y

I'm currently listening to all the best '80s electro-pop tunes, from ABC's The Lexicon of Love to Heaven 17's The Luxury Gap, with some Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark and Blancmange sprinkled on top. Why are they so great? I'm so glad there's so much delicious music out there.

I spent 4 days over at Elliot's this week and babysat the dogs whilst him and his parents were away. I love being all alone with some fuzzy little animals, so it was pretty blissful and I demanded to have a family size pack of mini rolls to accompany me. Okay, I didn't really demand them, but the mini rolls were there. That's the important thing.

I've also been thinking about journals, and in particular historical journals and famous people's journals - like Queen Victoria's journals. She kept an incredible amount of them, so there's quite a depth of personal records of her thoughts and feelings about lots of things, which is so interesting from a personal and historical context. Imagine all the diaries kept by famous people now. Imagine Louis Tomlinson writing angry diary entries about Naughty Boy, and Dale Winton journalling his thoughts on minions. Taylor Swift probably fills her diary with glittery cat stickers. I would do that too, given the chance to get my hands on some glittery cat stickers. I'm sticking with bunny stickers and gems for now though.


  1. omg, your journal seems fun enough to read! Nice post <3


  2. So increrible and inspiring blog you have. In the last month, since I have spended from my 25 to now 41 1/2 yo on a computer, I realize how beautiful are those handmade things someone can do. I love your diary pictures of the hard copy you have. They wake a child, a human, a depresive person, to think of the wonder of what is.
    Thank you for following me, and I did the same.

    1. Thank you so much, Alexis. There is a lot of beauty and joy held in the personal and handmade and all. :-) x


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