Coping With The Sun

Coping with excessive heat is usually a matter of my body going into robot mode. On a lot of hot days I don't really remember what happened. I go into a hazy state of consciousness and my arms are drawn to juice cartons.

There are some things I can plan and remember though, like wearing some small and useful shorts. My tiny brain may be overheating, but I am still able to keep the rest of myself cool with these Primark jersey shorts and Totoro ankle socks from the vast land of eBay. Surely Totoro will pleasantly blow on my toes, and/or fan my legs with a leaf. The spirit of Totoro will help you in all weather conditions, I assume.

All of the details on these socks are so perfect. I love the stripes and the dashes near the top, the soot sprite, and the colourful letters. Very perfect socks. I think the leaf on the sole may have that blank space in it for writing your name, which is very useful if you are the type to lose your socks, or the type whose sock-location part of the brain has been melted. As long as you can still remember your name, that is.

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