Beds are really good. I don't know how to explain it, but beds are like friends somehow. Fluffly little worlds, squish fluffy cushion-y things. I love beds.

('fluffly' was a typo, but I think it's a bit more accurate than 'fluffy', so I'm leaving it as it is)

me in around 1998 with my favourite teddy bear - Meryl

Beds are just good. Great. I could deal without any other type of furniture, but a bed is like a part of you. I mean, we spend so much of our time sleeping that our beds become like 50% of our personalities. Sleeping in someone else's bed always manages to feel odd. Deeply different in some way. Like stroking cats. Every cat feels different. Same with beds. They're like creatures, each one unique in smell and feel and so on and so forth. Beds with headboards and without. Big, bulky, heavenly mattresses, and beds all small and full of wooden slats. Creaky beds and silent beds. I've had a creaky bed with a metal frame for years now, and whilst I have some animosity towards the frame (it looks like cutesy prison bars), I love my bed. My mattress and sheets, and my pillow with a nice Moomintroll pillowcase.

here are some bedsheets - aren't they nice?

Really though, other people's beds feel weird, but I love them just as much. I'd like to be a bed critic and go around the country sleeping in all the different beds. I'd rate each bed on a sliding scale. 7 pillows out of 10. Speaking of pillows, people's pillow are weird too. Some people seem to use about a thousand pillows, and each one is bulging as if the pillow is about to give birth to another pillow. Some people practically sleep with their head resting on a 1 ply piece of toilet paper. The pillow spectrum is broad and fascinating. I sleep with one not very bulky pillow, if you were wondering. I can happily sleep without a pillow, but a too big pillow is not for me. My head must be only minimally propped up.

I want a circular bed, or one shaped like a heart. That would be good. Or a bed shaped like Mr Blobby. That would be beautiful and terrifying.


  1. It's really difficult for me to sleep in someone's bed. I can't sleep without a pillow but a pillow that is to high also doesn't work for me so the height has to be just right. I recently bought a new orthopedic mattress after years of not having changed my old one. It was pretty silly of me to disregard something that's so important. Yay for beds!

    1. Aw, here's wishing you the most comfortable bed forever.


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