Animal Crossing Journal #21: Hello Gladys

Last time in Boy it was all about the penguins. Well, I'm sad to say that Puck the lazy penguin has moved out of town, so now we are down to 2 penguins again. There is, however, a new bird in town. An ostrich in fact. I'll introduce you to her in a moment.

First though, here's a cool action shot of Toto leaping majestically from a hole in the ground. He's getting tougher every day.

There was a bug-catching contest - the first one in a while - and I won! I've gotten a few gold and silver trophies by now, but never a bronze. I'd like to get the whole set. Here's hoping I can come third next time. Look at how disappointed Alfonso looks. Poor alligator.

Mac has given me a delightful new nickname. It's based on the fact that I have a face that looks like a butt. Mac tells it like it is. It's not just the bee stings, but they don't help.

Berry has got herself a snazzy new basement. I think she's dumping random things in there at the moment, but she seems to have stumbled into a nice colour scheme regardless.

I am admired daily by all of these animals for my stunning beauty and charisma.

I am the number one bug fan.

I found Lucky wandering around Main Street and to be quite honest, the emotions caught me a little bit. I want him to move back here, but I don't want to say goodbye to anyone else. Why can't I have all the animals? I WANT ALL OF THEM

So let's talk about our new resident. She decided to move in almost exactly where Puck's house was. That was quite a bit of luck! She's just a tiny bit further back, but conveniently on top of the old square of dirt left behind.

She was camping here when Puck moved away, so I convinced her to move here. She's really cute. I mean, everyone's really cute, but she is really cute.

Lastly, here's me hanging out at Gwen's house. I like her dΓ©cor at the moment. Some nice flowers, a cool gyroid, and that dessert case. My mouth is watering. Gwen, I am pouring all of these cakes into a bag and I'm taking them with me. You can't stop me, I'm the mayor.

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