Scanning someone else's face is bizarrely difficult. I didn't realise, until I tried to coordinate another person scanning their face, that I've absorbed a specific little way of scanning and a way of being while scanning that makes it easy and comfy and gives me the pictures I want. Sometimes when you do this as often as I do, scanning yourself all the time can start to feel a bit repetitive and uninspiring, so of course I convinced Elliot to be scanned {these scans are from a couple of years ago now), but he didn't do the same face things as I did. He didn't know how to press his face against the glass so that as much of his face and features as possible would get picked up by the beam of light. He didn't know what expression to go for and he wasn't sure what to do with his eyes. I guess the particulars of how you move and place your face on the scanner bed are a nuanced kind of art themselves. Still, it was the best to have another person's face to sit next to mine for a bit. No longer alone in the dense and dark scan place.


  1. this is so romantic like mary shelley levels omg???

    1. I really wanna do this again when we're elderly people and put them side by side, but then I'm really into the idea of repeating everything when I'm old. I feel like the older I get, the more "me" I will be or... the better I will be as a person. I want us to be like those amazing old couples who have been together for fifty years and have a photo of us in the same place decades apart. Long term goals!


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