Tumblr Drafts: An Archive

I've kept some old drafts on my Tumblr for ages with nowhere to go as I didn't want to publish them there, but I'm going to share some of them here because there's all sorts of odd little snippets I've kept. I hope you find some of these saved things interesting!

A series of unpublished text posts:

"To be honest sir I fail to see how you riding a small dog constitutes a Miley Cyrus cover but I’m going to put you through to the next round anyway because I love your sequin jodhpurs" said Simon Cowell in a rare moment of jodhpur joy.

My love for you is like a long cucumber. Healthy, and suitable for many salads.

sometimes I like things on a website and sometimes I like things in my mind but it’s not very different either way

Sometimes in East London you just have to touch a willow tree. They call me the top Walthamstow willow tree toucher.

I am a moth do not touch me I can fly away very easily
I fear no human disappointment
I’m alive and hurrying

Spacelab  →  Anxious Heart

bone baby
baby bones

A bubbling sugar nymph tiptoes  across the floss of a child’s newborn hair and flittering, crumpling light pushes through gaps in the blond. Jolted kisses are blown by a slightly bedraggled man just slightly jittering on the train platform, his breath visibly curling in the cold. 

ghost notes

remember when I downloaded a ghost?
That’s a torrent I’ll regret
the ghost hasn’t left yet
it’s 2 years later and every meal there he is
just looking at me
and eyeing up my pasta
and making spooky noises

little wiggly line
drawing the cool s

I have so many blogs I’ve lost count
I’ve got one listing my bruises by size, colour, and suspected cause
one detailing how many strands of hair I leave on public transport
I have configured them electronicallt 2 re
one filled with grainy pictures of my bed at 4am
Blog liSt
from walthamstow to normandy
through puddles and mud and friday night vomit
every hair of his that’s touched my fingertips
colour coded by time of day and numbered by finger
reddened skin
through alcohol intake or injury
time recorded
intensity recorded
pain recorded (if applicable)
a blog listing all my blogs and when they were made
measurements of exactly how much hot chocolate i’ve ingested

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