On Saturday I sat in the kitchen and watched Elliot grating lemon zest. I watched the pigeons outside too. The sun shone all nice and warm across everything, and made Lily of the valley shadows on Elliot's arms. There was a lemon and potato and sausage smell slowly filling up the room. I sat on a small mound of one jumper and one cardigan. Comfy.

The sun makes me feel so sleepy, but it's nice watching cats and birds and fish and plants in the sunlight. I can live vicariously through them. I'm trying to remember what the best clothing options are for this sort of weather. Thin cardigans are good, but sometimes there's a strong breeze and your life is ruined. It's a particular science. Also I suddenly realise how much doing anything like eating, concentrating, or looking at a teabag (etc) can raise my body temperature.

Later, Elliot fell asleep on the couch, so I had to sit inside the gap behind his knees and balance the laptop on his leg to look at memes. It was quite nice actually, I felt like I was in a tiny human fort.


  1. Lol at "or looking at a tea bag" can raise your body temp. It's so true though! I just want a hot tea on my porch, but then I start sweating!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

    1. Honestly, I can feel thoughts starting to heat me up. It's unreal.


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