Room Tour 2015

The last time I posted about my bedroom was last year (unless you count this redecoration post, but that's a bit more focused) so I guess it's a good time to update. Things are mostly the same. I've settled on a pretty clean style now and am sticking mostly to it, although I am still building upon the wall decoration, and rearranging and organising things a little differently as I see fit.

I now have this lovely little wooden table, which is just perfect for doodling at and resting my tea and pencil case and notepads on. I also have fallen in love with this light, heart-themed, scribbly bedding from Ikea. It's been around for years, but I've only recently started using it. I'm also using the Moomin pillow case my boyfriend gave me, which coincidentally also matches my heart bedding as Moomintroll is painting his own heart. I guess Moomintroll made my bedsheets.

Before this I have always used navy blue bedsheets, but I really like having a light, bright, white colour instead. It just feels so cosy and pleasant and... bigger, even, just from the added lightness.

This wall is mostly the same, but I keep my pinboard super neat now. Some photos stay huddled together at the top, stamps in the bottom right hand corner, and all unused pins in lines on the left.

This wall at the other side of my bed, however, has quite a bit of added decoration, including some big magazine collages I made and a bunch of drawings. I also currently keep a whole host of cuddly toy friends at the end of my bed. I have a pretty big collection I guess, but there's no use keeping them shut away in a cupboard somewhere (it makes me feel guilty), so I keep as many of them as possible out.


  1. I love your wall decoration. So cute!


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