Post-It Note Drawings

Because of the nature of post-it notes as quick, disposable memos, I think they lend themselves really well to drawings. It's almost impossible for me to take drawing on a post-it note very seriously (not that I really ever take drawing seriously). It's easy to fool about. Also I enjoy the yellowness of them.

It must seem like I keep very much within my comfort zone with drawing, and well, I guess that's partially true because I don't really bother with things I'm not enjoying for very long, but I do like to set myself little challenges and exercises. It's like playing minigames, it just adds a bit of variety and fun to things. And when I try little challenges they help to keep ideas and general creativity flowing too.

So I set myself a quick challenge to draw on a bunch of post-it notes. I used pencil because I like the look and feel of it on a post-it note. I don't know whether it's to do with the size or colour or texture of the paper, but pencil just looks very right here to me. I drew some silly things and they feel important, in the same way that someone's scribbled shopping lists are important, or how they curl up in their bedsheets, or which pair of socks is their first choice. Important little things.

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