Little Things

I thought I'd scan some of the things nearby. These badges are from my jewellery box. We have the beautiful Bash Street Kid, Plug (an inspiration to us all), tanuki Mario, Frank Sidebottom, a heart, and a Noah Lyon badge I picked up at the Whitney Museum in New York (it says "satisfied with life"). Also, my very important hair bands and some cute heart-shaped clips in pastel colours.

Here are 2 very important things - a small Sylvanian Families bunny and some pearl earrings. Extremely necessary.

And here is my Totoro purse, one of my business cards, and a note with a cute lil' kid drawn on it. Precious items, all of them.


  1. Ah I used to love the bash street kids! x

    1. They are true role models for all of us.


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