Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #9: I'm The Best

Last time Pikachu and I defeated Blaine at Cinnabar gym, and after a long beach holiday, we are ready to take on the eighth and final gym leader at the previously abandoned gym of Viridian City.

This local egghead is quick to tell us the hot gossip.

The guy standing next to the statue advises us that even he doesn't know the mystery of the gym leader's identity, but his name is literally written right on the statue, so...

What is that thing in this guy's left hand? I always thought it was a rose and that he was just super romantic, but it's not, is it?

After getting through all the not-romantic-at-all trainers, we reach the gym leader, who is indeed our nemesis: Dracula. I mean, uh, Giovanni.

I beat up his ground Pokémon with a flower.

And then he disappears in a puff of smoke. Yep. Definitely a vampire.

Now that we have beaten all the gym leaders, it's time for us to finally head West towards the famed Pokémon League - the ultimate battle to decide who is the best ever (it is me, and I'm going to prove it). Shortly after departing, we bump into our old pal Meanie, who we promptly throw into a nearby pond.

A police officer recognises me esteemed gym badge and lets me through. Onward to the Pokémon League!

After a series of checks with officers, we reach Victory Road, a massive cave filled with spooky bats or something.

Fortunately, in this spooky cave we find a legendary bird who is very much on fire and seems to be okay with that. This bird can light our way through the darkness.

 I named the fire bird appropriately and then we had to push some boulders and stuff to progress through the cave.

We made it to the Pokémon League! There are a lot of statues here.

These were my Pokémon on arrival. I decided to toughen them up a bit before facing the Elite Four - the four toughest trainers around.

That's better.

After some training, Pikachu was now feeling very bloodthirsty, so on we went.

The first of the Elite Four was Lorelei - so tough that she doesn't even bother to stand up to do battle.

A big problem people have when facing me is that they underestimate me. I suppose it works to my advantage in this situation, but come on people, recognise that I am tough and capable. Thanks.

Number two is this beefcake who also sits down for the duration of the fight. I'm starting to think I came along during their lunch break.

Number three is a grumpy old ghost-loving lady. At least she stands. It feels more serious now. Pikachu loves taking out a Gengar or two. He can't get enough of snacking on ghosts.


And the last member of the Elite Four is Lance. He has a bit of a vampire look, but it's cuter than Giovanni's. Lance is more of a boyband vampire.

Nice cape.

Sadly, Meanie has beaten me to it again, and I have to beat him to become the champion. It's a good thing I've done that approximately a million times already. Meanie is clueless, but I have to hand it to him - he perseveres and apparently walks really fast or something.

Anyway, almost as soon as he's here, he's out.

And Professor Oak has come all this way to see us, and to heap on the compliments, which are now only for ME.

So that's it! I have finished Pokémon Yellow in nine parts, I'm the champion of all trainers, and Pikachu is now throwing cute little hearts up in the air every time I look at him. Cool. Thanks for joining me on my journey. Pikachu and I are going to retire now and rent a bouncy castle.

The End

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